Devon's moors, England
Devon's moors, England © dennisredfield

The heart of the British Empire and the United Kingdom has always been England. A tiny country in comparison to the United States or even France, it has nevertheless had a huge impact on the history of the world.

All the regions of England are easily accessible from the invigorating capital city of London, famous for its history, culture and pageantry. In the north of England, lakes, mountains, castles and craggy coastlines create scenic splendour; a little further south the medieval city of York contrasts with lively Liverpool and Manchester, once famous as powerhouses of the Victorian industrial revolution and now known for their football teams, live music scenes and exhausting nightlife.

Visitors travelling south will discover the quintessential English landscape, where a tranquil air blows through country lanes or across shimmering fens, while the gleaming spires of Oxford stand proudly above a university town that's changed little over the centuries. South of London, the 'Garden of England' stretches out with bountiful farmlands to the coast, where visitors will find charming seaside resorts and fishing villages. From the Cotswolds to the craggy coast of Cornwall, the West Country offers an idyllic pastoral experience, with honey-coloured stone houses, charming thatched cottages and narrow roads winding through lush, rolling green fields.

With its wonderful idiosyncrasies and vibrant diversity, today's England is friendly, welcoming, fascinating and fun.


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