The Cape Peninsula, South Africa
The Cape Peninsula, South Africa © Abu Shawka

South Africa exists as a world within a country. Visitors instantly fall in love with its myriad of cultures, peoples and landscapes. Throughout the second half of the 20th century, South Africa functioned as a global pariah state where the ruling white minority passed a range of draconian laws to subdue and enslave the black majority. All this changed in 1994 with the release from prison of world-renowned freedom fighter and icon of the oppressed, Nelson Mandela. With the advent of democracy, South Africa revealed itself to the world sporting its true colours, a beautiful kaleidoscope of charm, love and character.

More than two decades later, tourists flock to sunny South Africa in droves, particularly to the Western Cape and its magnificent scenery, pristine beaches, glorious mountains and verdant winelands. South Africa comprises the southern tip of Africa and the Atlantic and Indian Oceans surround it on three sides. The country offers a taste of the African experience, giving tourists the chance to visit traditional villages, game reserves, and vast townships.

At the same time, it also offers all the pleasures of a world-class holiday experience, with luxury hotels, sophisticated shopping opportunities, theme parks and clean shorelines. You can breakfast in a New York-style deli, lunch in an African shebeen, sip cocktails on a sunset cruise, or finish the day off with a dinner in a fine-dining establishment. However, it is not only cultural diversity that makes South Africa so magical.

The country has a wealth of animal and plant life scattered across its varied climactic zones, including deserts, snow-covered mountains, forests, grasslands, and mangrove swamps. With regards to history, there is plenty to discover, from the fossils of ancient hominids, to the pioneering spirit of the Dutch voortrekkers, and the settlement of the Eastern Cape frontier by British colonial forces who enslaved those living on the lands. Although the country will be healing the deep wounds of apartheid for many decades to come, South Africa continues to welcome travellers with open arms.


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