Mozambique Airports

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Maputo International Airport (MPM)

Location: The airport is situated four miles (6km) northwest of the city centre of Maputo.
Time: Local time is GMT +2.
Contacts: Tel: +258 2146 6846
Getting to the city: Buses service the airport during the day, but the schedule is a bit erratic. Some hotels will organise airport transfer and taxis are available.
Car rental: Several car rental companies are represented at the airport, including Avis and Hertz.
Airport Taxis: Taxis are usually available at the airport, metered and unmetered, and some hotels will arrange airport shuttles for guests if contacted in advance.
Facilities: Facilities are not extensive, but food and drinks are available and there is a VIP Lounge.
Parking: Car parking is available at the airport.

Beira International Airport (BEW)

Location: The airport is situated eight miles (13km) north east of Beira.
Time: Local time is GMT +2.
Contacts: Tel: +258 0330 1071
Getting to the city: There are buses and taxis available to the city centre.
Car rental: Rental cars are available at the airport.
Facilities: The airport has a restaurant, shops and a post office.

Inhambane Airport (INH)

Location: The airport is located on the outskirts of the city of Inhambane in Mozambique.
Time: GMT +2
Contacts: Tel: +258 85 246 2077
Getting to the city: Taxis are readily available at the airport. Ask one of the friendly airport staff members what they feel a reasonable fare into Inhambane city is, and agree on this price before getting into the taxi.
Facilities: Inhambane has very limited facilities, although there are a few snack kiosks available. On the plus side, queues are ridiculously short at the airport, so you will not have too much time to kill.
Parking: There is plenty of both short- and long-term parking available at Inhambane Airport. However, parking is largely of the uncovered variety, and security might be an issue.
Departure Tax: None.

Nampula Airport (APL)

Location: The airport is located in the city of Nampula, only about one and a half miles (2km) from the city centre.
Time: Local time is GMT +2
Getting to the city: Renting a car is probably the best way of getting to the city from the airport.
Car rental: Cars can be hired at the airport.
Airport Taxis: Taxis are available at the airport.
Facilities: Nampula is a small airport with only basic facilities, but there is an ATM and refreshments are available.
Parking: There is parking available at the airport for a fee.
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