Boasting miles of verdant landscape with pretty beaches, wild and beautiful rainforests, and scenic towns and ports, Madagascar offers some lovely attractions for those who choose to visit this inspiring and unique land. With a number of reserves and national parks boasting a variety of magical wildlife, including the famous lemurs, Madagascar's unique creatures and botanicals have earned the island the title 'the eighth continent' and visitors will be enchanted by the beauty of this mysterious land. Madagascar is not easy to get around and sightseeing can be challenging as a result, but with a little effort travellers can reap exciting rewards.

Head to the town on Antsirabe to view the volcanic lakes of Andraikiba and Tritriva, or relax in the therapeutic thermal baths; visit Ile Sante Marie for some of the best whale watching opportunities, to wander through herb gardens and enjoy the scents of vanilla and lemongrass, or to take a spooky tour of the pirate cemetery; explore Toamasina to see some fantastic architectural wonders as well as the popular Jardin D'Essel and the Parc Ivoloina.

For active travellers, water sports abound off the island, including scuba diving, swimming, snorkelling and canoeing, to name a few; while landlubbers can enjoy the plentiful walks and hikes through the many reserves Madagascar offers, while viewing some of the most fascinating birds and animals on the planet.

Indri lemur

Andasibe-Mantadia National Park

The Andasibe-Mantadia National Park situated in the eastern rainforests is Madagascar's most popular reserve for good reason. The park contains unique wildlife, including 13 species of lemurs, more than a hundred bird species and fauna and flora unique to the area. Andasibe has...  see full details

Royal Hill of Ambohimanga

The Royal Hill of Ambohimanga

The Royal Hill of Ambohimanga is the ruined remnant of the 15th century Madagascan kingdom. Located just 12 miles (20km) from Antananarivo, the Hill features a ruined royal city, several royal tombs and numerous holy sites. This spiritual attraction is widely lauded as the...  see full details

Frog, Ranomafana National Park

Ranomafana National Park

Explore the lush and misty rainforests of the Ranomafana National Park, with its rare species of flora and fauna, and unique wildlife. This UNESCO World Heritiage is home to 12 species of lemurs and an incredible selection of indigenous birds. Visitors can explore the...  see full details

A Lemur in the Berenty Reserve

Berenty Reserve

The Berenty Reserve is a small private reserve set along the Mandrake River in Southern Madagascar. Its gallery forest and array of indigenous wildlife and birds, such as ring-tailed lemurs, white-browed owls and giant couas make it an eco-tourist's dream. The de Heaulme family...  see full details

Antsiranana Bay

Antsiranana Bay

One of the finest natural harbours in the world, Antsiranana Bay is a vibrant and cosmopolitan seaport located at the northernmost tip of Madagascar. Formerly known as Diégo Suarez Bay, this tiny island is haven for nature lovers with wonderful lakes, rainforests and waterfalls...  see full details

Avenue of the Baobabs

Avenue of the Baobabs

According to the Madagascan legend, the Baobab tree was planted upside down, so its roots are on top and its branches underground. There is no better place to observe these giant trees than at the Avenue of the Baobabs. it is located in...  see full details


Amber Mountain National Park

Madagascar's most famous park, Amber Mountain (Montagne d'Ambre) National Park is known for its array of colourful orchids found exclusively on the island. Located in the northern part of the island, the mountainous park is predominantly tropical rainforest. The altitude and lush vegetation makes...  see full details


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