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Thorrablot, Iceland
Thorrablot, Iceland © The blanz


Thorrablot, also known as the Mid-Winter Feast, sees the capital of Reykjavik and her restaurants open up to crowds of thousands, turning out menus surely concocted by the Addams Family's Lurch, or possibly, the witches from Macbeth. If the Vikings have been historically misconstrued as hairy savages who drank too much, this traditional feast might not help this reputation, but it will provide a novel experience to anybody visiting Iceland. The fare includes Hákarl (fermented shark), Hrútspungur (ram's testicles) and Svið (boiled sheep's head). Over dinner, your host might share a riveting Viking tale while you sample the foods that the empire once enjoyed. After the meal, take a swig or two of Brennivin (a very potent Icelandic Schnapps), and revel the night away with traditional dances, music and games.

Venue: All around the city; Date: First Friday after January 19th


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