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Monarch Butterflies in Mexico
Monarch Butterflies in Mexico © Fisherga

Migration of the Monarch Butterflies

In Autumn each year the Monarch butterflies gather in southern Canada and begin a journey across North America to Mexico. The insects that begin the journey in Canada will never see Mexico, but their great-great-grandchildren will eventually make it to the small town of Angangueo in Michoacan province some 3100 miles (5000km) from the start of this epic journey. Like the butterflies, tourists flock to the small town of Angangueo to see the millions of bright orange butterflies obscuring the sky and some say you can literally hear their wings beating. The annual migration of the Monarch butterflies is one of nature's great mysteries and continues to baffle biologists and nature lovers worldwide. The Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve was deemed a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2008. Only some areas within the reserve are open to the public and tours can be organised to see the incredible spectacle from the city of Morelia (visit the Tourism Office for information). Getting to the right area in the reserve takes about 45 minutes on foot or shorter on horseback. The best time to see the butterflies is between January and March each year. Don't forget your camera!

Venue: The Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve; Date: February and March annually


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