Victoria Park, Regina.
Victoria Park, Regina. © Ccyyrree

Regina is the capital city, and cultural and commercial hub of Saskatchewan, the Canadian province bordering the US states of Montana and North Dakota. While not a celebrated tourist destination in itself, the city is the region's main transport hub and a common stop for travellers. Visitors spending a day or two in town will find a few interesting museums, good shopping opportunities and a few vast green spaces scattered throughout.

In fact, Regina may have more open space per person than any other Canadian city, making it a popular choice for outdoor enthusiasts interested in biking, cross-country skiing and long walks. The Wascana Lake occupies the centre and is perfect for boating in summer and skating in winter.

The city is also known for its famed Wascana Centre, a park built around Wascana Lake. It's home to the Royal Saskatchewan Museum, the Regina Conservatory of Music and an art gallery, as well as the Saskatchewan Centre of Arts. The Cathedral Village has cafes, bookshops and a few good restaurants. Visitors should also be sure to check out the local dance, music and theatre scenes.


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