Lima Attractions

Lima is home to an enticing range of attractions. From wonderful restaurants to several picturesque neighbourhoods, Peru's capital is, indeed, a feast for the senses.

Culture lovers should tour the historic Old Town, beginning at the Plaza Mayor and Plaza San Martin. The two squares are lined with stalls, artists, buskers, museums and colonial buildings, and are connected by a long pedestrian street. Lima's nightlife centre, Miraflores, and the bohemian resort district of Barranco are worth exploring too.

The city also has a number of spectacular churches, with the magnificent Baroque Church of San Francisco standing out among them. Its impressive library, intriguing catacombs and richly decorated interior are definite must-sees. Travellers can arrange to do guided tours. The Museo de la Nacion, the Museo de Oro del Peru (which displays ancient gold artefacts), and the Museo Rafael Larco Herrera are among Lima's best museums. Visitors who are travelling with children should stop at the Magical Water Circuit (Circuito Magico del Agua), which is a stunning display of light and water in the Reserve Park.

On the culinary front, Lima has become one of the most respected destinations in the Americas. Foodies will find restaurants that cater to every taste and every budget, though local Peruvian fare is unsurpassed.

Lima Cathedral

Plaza Mayor and Plaza San Martin

Shoppers, vendors and sightseers crowd the long pedestrian street that connects the striking Plaza Mayor to Lima's other main square, Plaza de Armas. Visitors will find the heart of the old town in these two locations, and invariably begin their sightseeing at one of...  see full details

National Museum, Lima

Museo de la Nacion (National Museum)

Located in Lima, the anthropological and archaeological museum's exhibits trace the history of Peru's ancient civilisations. All in all, they provide an outstanding overview of the country's archaeological richness. The museum's chronological layout guides visitors through the complicated ancient history, highlighting the many conquering cultures...  see full details

Incan Gold in Museo de Oro del Peru

Museo de Oro del Peru (Gold Museum)

The Museo de Oro del Peru showcases several centuries of Peruvian gold craftsmanship. Its safe-rooms are housed in a fortress-like building and are crammed with treasures from the Incas and their predecessors. In fact, most of the artefacts are pre-Incan. The massive collection of...  see full details

Museo Rafael Larco Herrera

Museo Rafael Larco Herrera

The museum houses a world-class collection of ancient ceramic items, with thousands of pre-Columbian clay pots on display. Most of its pieces come from the Moche Dynasty, whose people lived along Peru's northern coast between 100 and 700 AD. The Moche culture is recognised...  see full details

Church of San Francisco

Church of San Francisco

San Francisco is the most spectacular of Lima's colonial churches. Thankfully, locals and visitors can still enjoy its striking white and yellow towers and stone façade, as its one of the few buildings to survive the earthquake of 1746. Its famous underground catacombs contain...  see full details


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