There is little in the way of public transport in Manama, with most residents driving their own cars to get around. While long-haul buses link the major cities in Bahrain, local travel can be less organised and predictable for those visiting the capital city.

Taxis are perhaps the most popular way for travellers to get around Manama. There are plenty of cabs throughout the city, so finding a vacant one should not be much of a problem. Visitors should insist that the official meter is used, as it is extremely common for drivers to try and rip tourists off with an exorbitant fixed fee. If the driver is especially reluctant to use the meter, it is often best to simply vacate the cab and find another. There are surcharges for night-time fares (between 10pm and 6am), and hotel or airport pickups.

Hiring a car is the only other practical way to get around Manama, which is not considered pedestrian-friendly and has few sidewalks. All roads in Bahrain quite literally lead to Manama, so visitors who hire a car will also have considerable access to the whole country. Those who plan to stay within the city, however, will occasionally have to deal with periods of congested traffic, especially during rush hour.


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