Beirut Attractions

Capoeria in Hamra Street
Capoeria in Hamra Street © Youssef Chaker

Hamra Street

If Beirut is indeed the Paris of the East, then Hamra Street is the Champs Elysees. A centre of intellectual activity during the 1970s, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Borzou Dragahi described it as a "bastion of liberalism, embracing multiple religions and political views amid sectarian conflict."

Hamra remains a wonderfully cosmopolitan, open-minded area, full of shops, pavement cafes, and trendy bars, thick with tourists and students from nearby universities. The street houses five-star establishments and budget backpackers alike.

And so, visitors to Beirut who want to experience authentic Lebanon but who also don't want to miss out on the luxurious comforts that really make a holiday abroad, would do well to make Hamra Street their home base.

Ultimately, Hamre Street is the perfect home base for those who want to experience authentic Lebanon but not sacrifice the luxurious comforts that really make a holiday abroad.


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