Stuttgart Attractions

Mineralbad Cannstatt
Mineralbad Cannstatt © Klaus Enslin

Mineral Baths

Sitting on one of the largest mineral water reserves in Europe, the inhabitants of Stuttgart have been enjoying its liquid vitality for more than two millennia and the famous mineral baths of Stuttgart are a major tourist attraction for the city. Nineteen natural springs pump something like 22 million litres of mineral water into Stuttgart on a daily basis so there is no shortage of this resource. Relaxing in a hot, steamy mineral bath is a good way to spend some of your down time and the water is thought to help with skin ailments and respiratory and heart problems; of course, relaxation brings with it a swathe of health benefits as well. Das Leuze, Mineralbad Cannstatt and Mineral Bath Berg all feature hot and cold mineral baths, saunas, hot tubs and swimming pools. Das Leuze is geared toward families with its playground, children's pool and bright colours, while Mineralbad Cannstatt caters more for adults looking for a haven of relaxation. Mineral Bath Berg is a 1950s gem, its iron-rich waters recognised by the state as a 'heilbad' for its medicinal properties. Be warned that generally the Germans don't see a need for clothing of any kind at these establishments so some nudity should be anticipated.


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